About Us

About Our Brand:

Welcome to Y2K Fashion, a fashion brand built by two young entrepreneurs who have tons of passion & love for fashion & style.

Our brand was founded with the core purpose of providing fashionable, comfortable & quality clothing at an affordable price.


Our Mission:

Y2K Fashion is focused on providing clothing styles from the early 2000’s, with a newer influence. We also incorporate a variety of other styles, such as our higher end “archived section”, as well as our “essentials collection” best for casual usage & daily wear. Our main focus is for our customers to shop with our trusted brand, providing a one stop shop for multiple fashion essentials & pieces all while providing quality, comfortable & affordable clothing.

Customer Service:

We take pride in the business we do here, and even offer customer support as well as a 7-day return policy! Customer service will always be our #1 priority here as we believe that is the main component in building a genuine, long lasting brand.



Our support team will always keep in touch with you throughout the order process and make sure that you you receive order updates in a timely manner, that we answer any questions or concerns that you may have & that you have an overall good experience shopping with our company.

Why Choose Our Brand?

Unlike competitors who provide cheaper quality clothing with an unreasonable markup, we provide only the highest quality materials & innovative designs to fit all of your fashion needs. Our collections offer a wide variety of fashionable items to choose from along with accessories such as jewelry, bags, bracelets, & so much more! 


Thank You For Choosing y2K Fashion!

On behalf of the Y2K family, we want to thank you for choosing to support our brand & we will look forward to doing long term business with you!


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